Adopt the best accounting software AlignBooks and leave all your worries

Accounting is undoubtedly the biggest component of a business no matter if it is a small business or large business; it all starts with accounting only. If the accounts are good and managed, rest all things can be taken care of easily. But the fact that it is important makes it tedious as well. People or business owners specifically spend sleepless nights and restless days trying to figure out their accounts so that their business is always inclined towards growth. Though it is not as easy as it sounds, there have been evident cases of small businesses crashing because of accounting problems. Thus, we have a permanent and the most relieving solution for this and that is none other than the best accounting software AlignBooks.

The world is going digital with every possible thing and is reducing as much human efforts as they can. If things can be made so convenient with digitalization and technology then why even bother to struggle with your accounts manually? It is time that you and your small business move on with the development and the technology by adopting the business accounting software AlignBooks. AlignBooks has all that you need, it can turn down your effort and your stress to almost zero. Once you start using the online accounting solutions you will realize how trouble free your business accounts can be.

AlignBooks is simply a small business accounting software which manages all your business accounts, finances, expenses, debts etc. with its automated system. You need not have a team full of experts to take care of your accounts manually because there are chances that they can make mistakes and it will save their time and energy as well. It’s not just accounts that can be handled by AlignBooks, in fact, there are oodles of other features and tasks which can be taken care by AlignBooks such as-

  • Sales Management- Manage incentives and track sales linked to each salesman
  • Manage GST (Goods & Service Tax)- Auto calculation of GST components like SGST, CGST etc.
  • HR & Payroll- Seamlessly integrated payroll with absolute transparency
  • Goods Receipt Note, Dispatch Note- Maintain, multi-level documents to track supplies and received goods
  • Purchase Management- End to end purchase management right from order to invoice

The above-mentioned features are few more advantages of using AlignBooks accounting management software services  for your small business or mid-sized business. But the list definitely does not end here. Let us have a look at some of the advanced features offered by AlignBooks accounting software.

Advanced Features of AlignBooks

  1. Batch wise Inventory

Group items and properties of similar nature

  1. Multiple price lists and Discounts

Create multiple price lists and discount structures to enable flexibility

  1. Serial No based Inventory

Track material movement of your inventory with their unique serial number

  1. Flexible COA

Select industry standard or customize per your need

  1. Configurable Billing Extras

Create multiple price lists and discount structures to enable flexibility

  1. Multiple Voucher Series

Configurable voucher series for all documents

Bottom Line

AlignBooks if summed up is a one-stop solution for all your business accounting issues be it finances, employees’ records, management of TDS, order management, document designing and so on and on. You can totally rely on AlignBooks for each and every task without a hitch. Apart from its services it has an excellent user interface which is convenient and compatible with desktop or mobile view. You can also remotely access your accounts, documents and records online from anywhere in the world. That’s what makes it so handy. So, now leave all your worries related to accounts and finances on AlignBooks and focus on other important matters of your business freely. Get a free trial of the application before deciding to make it your best employee.

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