Align Books Introduces Four New Features in Its Software

Align Books has provided a revolution in the process of business management with its unique software to integrate all your business needs. Your complete business benefits from its modules for billing, purchasing, bookkeeping, invoicing, asset tracking, inventory, payroll integration, production, and CRM. The modules help in implementing, planning and scheduling required business functions, all of which contribute to excellent ROI (Return on Investment). The accounting software connects accounting, sales, and orders, and also, provides notification engine for SMS alerts and E-mails.

To provide an extra edge to your business and ease the process, Align Books has added 4 new features. Without further ado, let’s check out what they are and how they will benefit you.


Because of globalization, trading and business often use multiple currencies. This software fully supports transactions through multiple currencies and includes the following abilities:

  • Transactions in currencies which are different from your accounting currency.
  • Revalue transactions.
  • Keep up bank accounts using multiple currencies.
  • Report accurately multi-currency transactions such as translations of transactions or balances for purposes of reporting.
  • Capability to keep accounts of transactions in parallel using various currencies.

In other sections of the application, the company supports the functionality of multi-currency like currency-specific price lists and preferred currency of customer. It deals with currency precision needs of various locales. This feature helps companies involved in import/ export business. It also automatically takes care of currency fluctuations.


Align Books has included the functionality of multiple locations to its business software packages. More than one work location can be set up by companies. Employee worksites may be in various states and cities. Employees may be assigned to a particular location of work. As per multi-location functionality, the company’s software like payroll software can be used to correctly estimate taxes to be imposed on each employee on the basis of location.

You can get a consolidated view of your business with a click, anywhere in the world.


Align Books also provides its business software in multiple languages. This enables the company to have a global reach in countries with other local languages. In India, for instance, there is service in Hindi. This makes the software products simple and easy to use.


Multiple persons are able to use the software concurrently. Usually, this happens via client-server technology. The key is that there is regulated sharing of common database and provision of same instruments for the person engaged in the common activity. Thus, the software enables collaboration in workgroups forming a common virtual interface. This software can support many activity spheres. It enables updating of information in real time.

These are some of the new advantages of business software provided by Align Books.

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