Why AlignBooks Cloud Accounting will ease your Business

If you want a smart management solution for your business and accounting, cloud-based accounting software will be a much wise decision. We see a lot of apprehensions about transition especially when it comes to data security among offline users before they make a move to other unknown servers.

At AlignBooks we aim to defy this conventional myth and clearly communicate the benefits of data safety, security, and accessibility at any point of time given.

AlignBooks allows you a quick overview of your business from the time you log in and improve your efficiency with collaborative working amongst internal and external stakeholders with equal ease. 

Understanding Cloud Based Accounting

Every time you make online payments using internet banking, or access to your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, etc. you are using cloud-based applications. Cloud is a data sharing platform providing you access to it anytime, from anywhere and on any device screen. Your business computer or hard drive can no longer afford to hold the business back or provide betterment of the workflow for everyone’s benefit.

Reduce daily chores of manual Accounting

Small business accounting can be a tedious job which sucks up far too much of your energy and time which you had planned to invest in your business growth. Cloud-based business accounting solution AlignBooks makes your accounts and business management more fun than a toil demanding daily chore. AlignBooks cloud accounting can save your important time, money and harder parts of the job. After all, who does not want fun and passion inching together?

Challenges with Traditional Offline Accounting

  • The data update is never real time and requires a dedicated data operator to have it uploaded
  • It can work only offline which gives limited accessibility only to those who are logged into the server
  • No reliable data backup: Data if lost mostly gets evaded and lost forever, leaving an important business mess behind.
  • Only single user login available. It is always better to have dedicated logins and rights for key people like finance managers, accountants, sales, purchase, stock, etc.
  • It requires costly infrastructure and initial setup.
  • Customer support here is relatively slow, time-consuming and must be available on-site.
  • No notifications, analytics, end-user customizations are possible.

How AlignBooks Cloud accounting is perfect match for your business

You can manage your business, accounts, finances, and payments from any device and any internet connection. Online accounting keeps owners and accountants connected for small businesses. AlignBooks also makes software integration of other business process tools possible.

For Example; Businesses which use Labelling software to generate barcodes for packaging, etc. can have unique barcode numbers generated specific to every product packaged and against its cost. AlignBooks can also let accounting data at real time uploaded for every barcode reading while a purchase is being summed.

AlignBooks business accounting offers a promising ecosystem with featured add-ons possible with open developer APIs for custom business process integrations. AlignBooks cloud accounting is a scalable, easy, and cost-effective solution, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

The economy of masses has made scalability and affordability of cloud-based accounting software much easier and safer. Learn more about yearly subscriptions plans along with a FREE business consultancy and software setup.

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