AlignBooks organizes your account and finance, drives your business effectively

AlignBooks is cloud based bookkeeping software. It implies that every single input/information is hosted at a virtual place. Also, that virtual place is the remote server for this case. For instance, your organization has 30 employees that too on different location and because of cloud bookkeeping, it is conceivable that every employee can get access to the same data information by utilizing the login credentials. Because of this cloud accounting, every one of the employees can work at the same time on AlignBooks accounting software. There are a few appealing and successful features that are available in this software. All the appealing features are clarified below:

  • Creating invoices: with AlignBooks, it is extremely easy to make and send business and professional invoices within few clicks. There is an automatic flow of these invoices into your AlignBooks account. You would not require entering the master information manually like customer name, address etc. It requires no time to check whether your invoice is paid or outstanding? It is additionally conceivable to setup recurring invoices.
  •  Bookkeeping software is additionally adaptable: You can set up 1 to 30 users in only a moment. You can manage it from anyplace any time. You ought to have the internet connection for accessing it from anyplace.
  • It is simple and user-friendly: this business bookkeeping software with hosting offers a familiarity and feel and it can be accessed from anyplace on any device. You can likewise utilize Macintosh; it can be accessed on Macintosh also.
  • Payroll at a higher speed: it offers an upgraded payroll system which helps you to make boundless paychecks, utilize free direct deposit and manage employee payroll with no extra worker fee.
  • Powerful Dashboard & plethora of reports are accessible in AlignBooks: you can get handy information useful for your business readily available on dashboard. Numbers of Standard Formats are available which help you to get MIS for the business.
  • Inbuilt stock and valuing apparatuses: These are effective tools which help inventory based business to get succeed.
  • Different answers for the business: regardless of whether you have a manufacturing company or contracting organization. AlignBooks has answers for you.

Along these lines, these are some essential highlights of AlignBooks, if you come across any trouble in working with this small bookkeeping software, at that point, you can connect with the support team. Specialists are available to give you complete solution immediately. These specialists are accessible in business hours throughout the week. Also, you can call them or you can utilize live chat to connect with them. You can choose any option; it is completely your decision.

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