Benefits of AlignBooks for Retailers

AlignBooks has been helpful to all forms of businesses till date but never had you imagined about its importance in Retail shops or retailers. It has paved the way for making the most sophisticated work into the simplest one through various features that you can’t avoid. Retailers have a lot to perform from purchasing in bulk to selling to the consumers and clearing the stock. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient too. To make it smarter process than a complex one, AlignBooksis that retail accounting software gives you the immense functionality to get more work done in less time.

Benefits that a retailer can’t ignore

  • Order Management: Being a retailer when you book an order for a particular quantity of your product, you need to maintain a book of how the order was placed, how much have you got in real, how many days did it take in total and so on. In such cases, instead of tracking it manually, you can get it done through swiftly and smartly. Just a few clicks and then your work are accomplished.
  • Bar Code Scanning: Most of us have seen the bar codes being scanned when you go to a mall or big departmental store. This process makes it convenient for the retailer as well as the consumer or wholesaler to keep a tab on what has been sold and what not. It also helps in the process of refunds and returns if there is any defect in the product or packaging. Had there been no such system in place, the process would have been tedious.
  • Maintain Accounts: Stop relying on humans for tracking your finances and the revenue. Everything comes under Accountancy and this can be done aptly by AlignBooks. You just need to enter the details and you have a compiled report whenever you want. This way, you skip the task of depending on someone to know what the trend of productivity is.
  • Role Based Rights: Access to register in the shop can be easily accessed by anyone working in the store. The good news about AlignBooks is that for each person, you can have role based access to the system. No one can play with or mess with the privacy settings. You can keep data locked from intruders and be stress-free. Data fudging and data duplicating is an impossible thought when you have AlignBooks for your support.
  • Dashboard Management: At times, you might have the urge of not going through every tab that is there. In such cases, you can have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the retailing. It is just like reading the summary of a book. It definitely gives you an idea of the story and similarly, you can check on your system. It is an integral part of retail accounting and cash management.
  • Time Management: You will see that gradually things are getting done faster and more productivity is visible. This is because the employees too don’t have to enter details manually. Every detail can be checked in a few minutes.

With so much ease and smart ways of getting things done, how can’t anyone put this into use? AlignBooks is universal and is helping people in all spheres of life. With the world getting digital and technologically advanced, if you need to run shoulder to shoulder with them, you need to have this without any doubt.

You can utilize the time you save for other better things that might need your undivided attention. No more stretching after work hours and no more dual work. You will be one of the most competent retailers. After all, every business is getting global and so should you. The unique selling point of this CRM is that you can access this from any corner of the world. In short, your work is never hampered. It is one of the best for retail accounting and audits. Get the best of everything related to retailing work under one tool and that is AlignBooks.

The tool is designed to update automatically so that the data is always secure and no one can fudge. The backup setting is also available so that you don’t have to manually back your data up. You will never lose your data and always be up to date. In a few clicks, you have access to the reports of your business and what else can you ask for?

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