Alignbooks is inarguably one of the market leaders today when it comes to providing business accounting solutions. The company provides automated solutions for online billing software, invonoice generation, book-keeping, inventory management, asset tracking, payroll-management, production planning and lots more. The business solutions not only cater to the needs of medium-sized and small businesses alike, but are  a must for professionals and chartered accountants.

Payroll management is one of the most critical and complicated areas for any business establishment. It involves maintenance of personnel documents, attendance records, leave policies and records, salary calculation, tax calculation, EPF calculation, generation of salary slips and payment of taxes to government agencies. Payments have to be calculated accurately and made on time, failing which can even lead to legal predicaments. Alignbooks provides the complete business payroll software solution for all types of enterprises. It offers the top payroll software which has features like recording the biometric attendance of the employees, tracking leaves, short leaves, calculation of salaries, EPF, tax, general of salary slips, etc. The employees can also be updated about the leaves taken, leaves pending, leaves carried forward and so on. The attendance sheet is automatically updated as soon as an employee marks her attendance through the biometric machine. The personnel details and documents of the employees can be recorded in the solution. The employees can also apply for leave through the portal. The strongest feature of the payroll software is that it can be easily customized according to the policies and requirements of the organization. It is easily the best payroll software for small business due to its flexibility. The features of the software can be enhanced as the business grows.

One of the most complicated parts in payroll management is tax deductions & other deductions. Several inputs like HRA, medical allowances, insurance policies, children’s education allowances, etc. are required before the actual taxable income can be calculated for deductions.. The deductions is not only on account of tax but due to loan, short attendance etc make the preparation of payroll a bit difficult.  Alignbook’s online payroll software makes these tasks very simple. The software is totally compliant to various statutory requirement. The company policy in respect of salary structure, attendance rule, leave policy etc could be easily customized in the software. With so many features, it is the ideal payroll software for accountants as it completely eliminates any chances of an error. The tasks which required hours of hard work can now be accomplished with a click of a mouse.

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