Cope Up With the Pain Points in Business Accounting Management

For the purpose of recognizing common problems in business accounting management, the team of AlignBooks interacted with a number of accountants, entrepreneurs as well as managers. While listening to them, we came to know about various cluttered feedbacks which caught our attention anyway. Yet, in order to come up with a promising solution we, AlignBooks, wouldn’t fret experiencing that all. It comes with no surprise that simplicity in business accounting management is achieved only after experiencing a lot of complexities.

So, What We Actually Found!

While going through all these experiences, the major pain point that we came across was that everybody in a group prefers their own set of tools. A few team members love to work together over Emails, whilst some use Slack or Google Docs whereas the others prefer Dropbox. Getting the whole group of members doing their work in the same way in a proper coordination is such a daunting challenge and when it happens over many channels, there’re plenty of chances that important documents and steps in the workflow can accidentally get missed.

Wondering Where The Solution Lies?

Well, going through all the pain points of a business accounting managements helped us to come up with a promising solution for our clients. To help the businesses manage and monitor their every single move such as information exchange or data exchange, AlignBooks brings forth Cloudview. Getting information and data exchanges via Cloudview between the departments includes –

  • Document sharing (such as credit notes, debit notes, approval notes, invoices, etc.)
  • Data sharing (such as accounts, employee leaves in payroll, order counts, stock tracking, payment exchanges and so on)
Cloud View of Business

Cloudview: How Helpful This AlignBooks Software Is?

This enthralling AlignBooks Software is proven helpful for capturing every single information or data that is important for your business and have it all uploaded in your cloud monitoring application “Cloudview”. You can get this data back in different custom reports designed keeping point of views of Business Owners, Financial Managers, CAs, CPAs, Professional Accountants or respective department heads.

Hope this blog post provided all the essential information about coping up with the pain points of business accounting management. If you are interested in getting some additional information regarding the same, we welcome you to pay a visit at AlignBooks.



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