Features of AlignBooks Accounting for Distributors

A distributor is an important part of supply chainwhile running a wholesale business. Without the help of distributors, running and circulating of products won’t be that easy. A distributor takes the charge of distributing and supplying products for sale to retailers, supply chain management and the rest of the suppliers. Distribution works like a bridge that connects the producer of a product with the seller of the product. Without this distribution, the sale of a product will be quite unrealistic. When the work of distribution is in the process, distributor accounting software can be of great importance. If you are a distributor and reading this, your search for an effective accounting software for distribution business ends here.

Features of AlignBooks that a Distributor can take into consideration

  • Efficient Stock Management: When you are a distributor, you will have stock in abundance which needs to be streamlined. How about getting something that will not just be your CRM tool but also your companion whenever and wherever you travel. A distributor might have to travel a lot and this feature makes it the most desirable. Manage your stock efficiently and effectively.
  • Sales Man and Agent Wise Tracking: Being a distributor, you will have sales people and agents working under you. It is a vast process and needs helping hand. But, can you check each of the agents’ process and graph? Don’t be surprised if I say yes. Thanks to AlignBooks that you will be able to see the data of your agents. This will help you give a raise to each of them accordingly.
  • Incentives Calculation and payroll accounting: When you have such systematic system in place, you will no more be calculating incentives based on what they say. You can check the data in the system and analyze the graph and make take your fair decision. You will have everything transparent in front of you. Manipulation of work will have no scope in this CRM. There is no doubt that it is the best accounting software for Distribution Company.
  • Discount Management: A distributor need not make the same discount available for all the retailers. It can be unique for each of them and this can be done perfectly with AlignBooks. The discount of one retailer won’t clash with the other and you have a clear picture of who should be given what pertaining to discount. Get the management of discount done in the wink of an eye.
  • Invoice Tracking/Auto Payments: Do you get irritated keeping a track of each invoice sent to you and your invoices sent for clearance? Say goodbye to those unorganized way. You can track invoices and make payments or receive payments automatically. This will ease your task to a great extent.
  • Low Stock Alert and Order Management: There is a setting that can be enabled to notify you of any stock that is low. This will be an indication that you should be ready to fill the stock so that there arises no scarcity if being ordered. It is no less than an alarm clock that helps you wake up at a specific time to accomplish the rest of the work. If there is accounting software for Distribution Companies that can make all work within the reach of your hand, it has to be AlignBooks.

Distribute products to more people and earn more with this wonderful software that will make bulk work easier than ever. Distribution is a task that has several steps to the final distribution of the product. In these steps, one needs to be alert and work smart? Is there any smarter way than AlignBooks?

Get AlignBooks for a flawless work culture that you have been craving to get.




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