How can Export Businesses use AlignBooks to improve their business efficiency?

Export Business is quite a rage everywhere and people across the globe follow this business format.Export business means the buying and selling of products between countries and across continents. This brings in the picture of bilingual challenges and myriad of currency exchanges. Is there a tool that can ease the process which otherwise gets lengthier?

AlignBooks is a sigh of relief for those in the export businesses as its multi-dimensional attributes make your work happen in the wink of an eye. Alignbooks covers some of the most important features that any export business would use every day like sales, purchase, financial accounting, goods receipt No., dispatch note etc. Multi-currency is one of the unique selling points when AlignBooks is considered for businesses pertaining to export.
If we take a dive into the features, we will get a better understanding of the usability of this truly helpful software for various businesses especially export.

Features that can’t be ignored

Sale Management: How can one business manage so many salesmen and the amount of sales happening without an organized system that takes care of every detail?AlignBooks does justice to the work ethics.

Purchase Management: Export is absolutely impossible to happen without the right purchase management in place. The fact that with just one tool, you get more than just sales, purchase and finance management is one of the features that every export businessman needs to know of.

Financial Accounting: No matter how big or how small your business may be, AlignBooks makes it possible for you to have a grasp of every minute detail you want to keep a track of. There will be no more fudging of data and no more redundant work. For an organized business firm, you need a super organized helping hand.

Multi-Currency: Let us talk of the unique selling point of AlignBooks and that’s multi-currency feature which makes it one of the most desired tools that every organization ought to have. When in export business, you will deal with people from other countries and the transactions will happen in multiple-currencies. How do you keep a track of the currencies being exchanged? You need a foolproof system to keep every transaction in place without any loophole.

Real-Time Tracking: No matter where you are, with the mobile app that comes with the software gives you access to each and every data entry and transaction even when you are on the go. You can track on real time basis without a delay so that the gap doesn’t create a problem later. It is true that many businesses don’t give that attention to detail until the last moment when reports have to be prepared. This creates a gap that is difficult to be filled. Prevention is always better than cure.

Goods Receipt Number and Dispatch Number: In a business of import and export, buying and selling is the fundamental function. The man running the show has to have an exact count of the transactions happening daily or seasonally. Things get extremely convenient with AlignBooksmaking an entry into the record and entries of data in any business.

Invoicing convenience: Export based invoicing has to be different from other invoicing methods and this has been taken care of by AlignBooks. What bliss to the complexities of businesses! With this feature, you know better how many invoices have been paid and how many are pending. No more confusion!
It won’t be wrong to quote that AlignBooks is breaking the conventional method of maintaining business data and making things accessible on the tip of the fingers.

Other highlights that might interest an exporter

• Keep a tab on the shipping and logistics information. You can have details from vehicle number to transport name, scheduled time of departure, delivery etc.

• No more paperwork to be maintained. Paper documents are vulnerable to be misplaced; however, when you have data stored in soft copies, you are in safe hands.

With all this and many such benefits of AlignBooks, it is taking the world of business by storm and is playing an important role in making business more like a cake walk for everyone. It can prove to be the best for new entries into the world of business.

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