How can I manage my manufacturing plant using AlignBooks?

Manufacturers always keep on finding better avenues to make their work more robust. This can be done only when the right data is available to them. For this data streamlining you would need software which makes it easy to record and track the data from multiple inputs. This is the main requirement of manufacturers as they can keep a track of whatever actions being done daily. Most of these software are very expensive and need a lot of investment for installation. This increases the cost to the manufacturing organizations which.

Therefore, a need for a robust and less costly mini – ERP is much in demand for all small and medium business organizations. One such smart cloud-based ERP is AlignBooks, which has all the qualities and features that are needed to runthe manufacturing businesses.

For manufacturers, AlignBooks forms one stop software which assists in Accountingas well as Multi-team management purposes.

Key Benefits

• Customizable reporting, that enables you to create your own custom formats and be in control of your business, anywhere anytime.

• Smart featuresprovide youa simplified and perfect accounting and management solutions without much hassle.

• AlignBookscan schedule payments that happen on a recurring basis. This makes it more robust in terms of regular work.

• Some specific features of Alignbooks are as follows:
o Inventory
o Warehouse management
o Asset Tracking
o Production
o Payroll Accounting

• Manufacturers can insightfully track their inventory movements across various warehouses branches and get stock alerts when it touches a certain limit.

• BOM based production helps you minimize item shelf time and plan your procurement cycles efficiently.

• Alignbooks particularly adds tremendous value to organizations with presence in multiple geographical locations specific features helping in managing large organizations are as follows:


• Secured Cloud storage with real-time Online Accounting in AlignBooks gives you the complete freedom from any kind of data loss, backup or storage.

• Multi-language features of AlignBooks supports global connection and movement of economy and hence giving you easy features to expand your business overseas.

• To ease tracking of warehouse, production, delivery, etc. print labels can be created for every batch or product and accounted along to track its movement ahead.

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