How will all features of Online Accounting in AlignBooks benefit a Grocery Shop Owner?

Accounting is a task that is applicable to all forms of businesses, be it a large scale or small scale business. Let us consider how grocery shop owners are benefitted by the online accounting of AlignBooks. Although grocery shop is a smallscale business, the owners can have more benefits than ever.

How does a Grocery shop work?

Grocery shop deals in buying goods in wholesale and selling to the customers at retail price. Every household depends on grocery for their livelihood as every daily need is available in such stores. With more and more transactions happening, a grocery shop owner will have more to keep records of. This can be a time-consuming affair. With AlignBooks bringing online accounting to the grocery shop owners, the job of accounting has taken a new leap. It is no more a job that needs a manual dependency.

How AlignBooks can benefit Grocery Shop Owner

It is unbelievable to know how AlignBooks has gotten into the system making Grocery business an easy and online affair that needs no paper work anymore.

Stock Management/Purchase Management: Procurement and stock maintenance have been the core issue of the retail industry for long, Alignbooks takes this seriously and hence provides inbuilt stock reports and purchase management process to ease out the everyday hassles of the retail industry.

The maintenance and purchase of grocery goods are now a simple task. What can be the best inclusion in a grocery shop? Streamlining of sale and purchase is the answer.

Data Entry: From anywhere in the world, one can check or make data entry. Real time data entry is an advantage.

Low Stock Alerts: Grocery owners always target on getting goods that are available at lower rates. It can eventually help the owner to fetch more profit by buying stocks at discounted price. That’s the best way one can maximize the profits. It is great to know the stock fluctuating sitting at home and not having to do physical labour.

Easy GST Filing: With Goods and Service Tax coming into the picture, the need for AlignBooks has gotten more serious. For GST filing, you need not go anywhere. With one simple ERP, you can have all the benefits in just a few clicks.

Manage Tax Filing: While tax filing and return filing had been a stressful phase for anyone, now with the addition to this powerful accounting software, manage the filing of tax and return in the simplest steps. How easier can it get? Grocery shop is getting a boost and better productivity with the features that AlignBooks can offer.

Order Management: Something that every grocery shop owner would like to have is the ease of maintaining orders and managing them efficiently. AlignBooks does it flawlessly and without you having to remind someone of getting it done.

As everything is online and accessible, running a grocery shop is also organized with AlignBooks. Gone are the days when one had to maintain a pile of record books to streamline by the end of every financial year. Every report will be available within a few clicks and it is no rocket science to master the understanding of the ERP.

You can get a hand holding in the initial phase and then once you have got the grasp of the operation, you will be the one responsible for every detail of your shop.

Don’t assume that AlignBooks is meant only for high-end businesses. They have the ability to take care of all types of businesses and that too within a few clicks.

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