Smart ERP Features For Small Business Management

A legitimate and suitable accounting software can simplify your business‘s accounting processes. The accounting or business management software provides ease in monitoring your expenses and compiling them in a set manner so that they can be easily accessed later. A complete package of accounting software tracks all your expenses, generates invoices, manages bills, payment records and shares the information whenever required. A more sophisticated package can even offer inventory tracking features, time tracking features, etc. However, it is necessary to decide your accounting needs before making any final decision. It will help you in choosing the suitable software according to your specific business needs.

Here, we are sharing a few must have features for a small business management software or mobile app to help you evaluate a business application-

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Cloud Based Accounting Software

It must be cloud-basedThe first thing to look for while choosing business management software is its type. The cloud-based accounting software is quite popular these days as they offer you a plenty of features which conventional accounting software often lack. Features like data security, data backup, real-time access etc. help you save a considerable amount of time and improve your efficiency by providing ease to operations. So, choosing accounting software that is not cloud-based can be a backward step for your company.


Cloud Based Quick Reporting


Deliver quick reports- Many cloud-based accounting software, for instance, Alignbooks, even offer on-the-go access and allow you to snap a picture of a receipt to add it to the expense report. Features such as quick reports help in improving the efficiency of time and expense management.




Easy Business Monitoring

Less hectic for business monitoring Accounting software simplify your processes making it less hectic for monitoring your business. With features such as direct deposit, check printing capability, tax liabilities tracking, etc. you can keep a record of all your finances and accounts in a hassle-free manner and concentrate on your core business processes.




No necessary human assistance except for the software- Several features such as automatic deduction of TDS, calculation of GST, auto-calculation of purchase bills and invoices, help you keep updated all the time.

Provide ease to internal processes- Ideal accounting software offers complete financial accounting for all organizations of different sizes. It will provide you help in purchase management, document approval, and order management. Starting right from the order generation to generating the invoice and keeping a record of payments, a right accounting software will provide ease to all your internal processes.


Automatic Accounting

Must ease external processes- Features such as generating quick reports and answers for clients, keeping an organized record of sales, pending payments, customer queries, project delivery, chase payments, invoice billing etc. collaborate in a smooth functioning. These small features are very valuable in business management software.




Compliance management- It is very necessary to look whether the software you have chosen features compliance management or not? The integration of payroll and accounting feature is a valuable addition which results in saving you ample amount of time. It offers several related benefits too which include – getting the entire view of orders, invoices, deliveries, set credit terms, etc.


Accounting Integrated With Business


Easy integration with business processes It is very necessary to have an effective integration solution which can streamline processes between marketing, sales, supply chain management etc. There is a number of accounting software such as AlignBooks business accounting software which enables you to synchronize your business administrative, operational and support processes to increase productivity.


Provides business mobilityBusiness mobility is another valuable feature for your company. It helps in competing more effectively and aggressively. For businessman, freelancers and other people who love to travel or have to travel a lot due to their business, features like mobile application, remote access, etc. provide help to manage your business from anywhere at any time.

Lastly, there are many accounting software that offers different features which you can customize according to your specific business need. If we look for the conclusion, then we can say that cloud-based accounting software like AlignBooks can prove to be a valuable tool for small businesses and retails shops, fitness centers, offices with 15 to 50, etc.

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