Tips To Get Registered Under Shop And Establishment Act

Nearly all the businesses in India needs to get registered under the Act of Shops and Establishment, from the authorities governing the place of their business. Talking about the shops and Establishment Act, it is crucial to mention that every state in the country has set its own rules and regulations that vary from state to state. The Act covers shops, restaurant, hotel, theatre, retail business, even if you work from home. Registration under the Act is mandatory because it deals with the workers’ right and the working conditions, like wages, working hours, leaves and holidays, etc. Here we are going to discuss how to get registered under the act.

What Is The Main Objective Of The Act?
Before we discuss any further, let’s get an idea about the shop and Establishment Act and its main objectives. Every state in India has framed its own and separated rules and regulations regarding the working conditions. The main objective of the Shop and Establishment Act is to ensure the benefits of the workers, working in the different environments of various establishments. This act establishes the worker’s or employee’s right; it set rules and regulations regarding the working hours, leaves, maternity leaves, national and regional holidays, child employment, etc.

How to Get Registered Under Shops & Establishments Act?
Within one month of the commencement of work, every business establishment needs to get registered under the Shop and Establishment Act. The owner of the business, establishment or shop needs to send the application to the inspector in charge of the area along with the required fees. The registration certificate or the license will be obtained from the State Labour Department.

The application will contain the name of the employer and the manager, the name of the business establishment, the postal address of the establishment/shop.

The inspector will verify the application and provide the business owner with the license.

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