Why is AlignBooks the best bookkeeping software for your business?

You need to have a pile of books, records and documents irrespective of the scale and nature of the business and the reason behind this is pretty obvious that all investors and potential leaders ask to see the business records first and other things later before thinking of investing in your business. As a business owner, you must know the consequence of not having your documents and records on point and up to date, it can get difficult for you to file the taxes or mess it up with the Internal Revenue Service. Well, AlignBooks, bookkeeping software can keep you shielded from all such issues and problems and can handle your records like no other can.

Benefits of AlignBooks:


Usually, the most common problem that occurs with the accounting software is their complex interface or instructions which are difficult for a non-techy person to decode. AlignBooks has taken special care of this fact. It has kept its system minimalistic with ease of learning. One doesn’t need to have an accounting or financial background to access this simple bookkeeping software.


AlignBooks has got excellent compatibility which allows it to integrate with other software or functions feasibly if required. Business owners can use it to manage all their income, expenses, and revenues and later use that data or information anywhere without generating it all from the scratch. It even makes it easier to import data from one source to another without losing any records.

Personalized interface

Align Books is an online bookkeeping software thus, it keeps everything as handy as possible. It has readymade templates for business owners so that they can use them to generate their plans, chats, invoices, etc. Also, business owners can make custom documents according to their requirements so as to stand out the best among the rest. Owners can make it as customer friendly and attractive as possible for the people to understand them better.

Desktop app mode

People can now enjoy dual benefits of AlignBooks which is one of the best bookkeeping software in the current date. It can now be accessed from anywhere, anytime on cloud mode or you can sync data on your desktop, work offline on it and later sync it back with the cloud. There is no additional cost for the offline app and you can work directly in online mode from the desktop app itself.

If you don’t want to go for cloud subscription, AlignBooks on Premise solution is available in two versions i.e.

MS Access – For micro & small Enterprise

MySQL – For Large Enterprise

Advance features and the use:

  • Batchwise Inventory- Group items and properties of similar nature.
  • Multiple price lists and Discounts- Create multiple price lists and discount structures to enable flexibility.
  • Serial No based Inventory- Track material movement of your inventory with their unique serial number.
  • Flexible COA- Select industry standard or customize per your need.
  • Configurable Billing Extras- Create multiple price lists and discount structures to enable flexibility.
  • Multiple Voucher Series- Configurable voucher series for all documents.


AlignBooks also known as small business bookkeeping software is a superlative accounting software congenial for both small businesses as well as mid-sized businesses. It can help in managing all business account related issues including all bills, taxes, financial pays, expenses etc. It has numerous features that boost your business to a noticeable growth. The bookkeeping software is available in 5 main versions which start from free trials to a higher amount depending on its services. AlignBooks knows the worth of your rupees and hard work and thus is determined to do every bit in saving it for you. Do not worry anymore and leave all your stress on AlignBooks.

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